Snow, Snow, Quick, Quick, Snow – Why Krakow is a Winter Wonderland For Stag Weekends

Krakow is emerging as a great stag destination. It is famed as the cultural capital of Poland – and looking around the Old Town, which has emerged unscathed from centuries of war and natural disasters in Poland, you can understand why.

More importantly, legend has it that Krakow has the densest concentration of bars in the world. Another reason to consider Krakow for your stag weekend is that it enjoys both a warm summer climate and the cold winter conditions of Eastern Europe. In other words, temperature highs hover around a comfortable 20C from spring to autumn, with weeks of summer heat above 30C. In winter the temperature is around zero, although cold snaps as low as minus 20C are not uncommon, making it ideal for some snow fun!

If you are looking for something to shake up your stag weekend, you have got to try snow rafting in the Zakapane region. Snow rafting is simply a rubber sledge (usually a reinforced Zodiac boat!) which slides down a defined, but pretty wide, icy run with you lot in it. The journey starts at the top of the downhill run and ends somewhere at the bottom. Braking is almost non-existent and control is limited, although some have paddles while others can only be steered by moving the weight to the sides – so you may want to ask the larger ones in your party to make use of their bulk. Snow rafts accommodate from three to ten people and reach speeds of up to 50 km/h on the slopes. There are even rafts where you get pulled by a bloke on a quad-bike!

Alternatively, why not a high speed snow mobile expedition? On a pre-booked session, you will normally get two people per snowmobile and a stunning drive time of about 1½ – 2 hours through the unforgettable Tatras or Wisla area, Poland’s most breathtaking mountain regions.

Of course, you’ll get a guide and all the equipment you need when you book. On the whole, activities are available seven days per week providing there is enough snow. Both snow rafting and snowmobiles are definitely alcohol-free activities and the organisers will not let you have a go if they think you have been drinking – so best done in the morning or early afternoon – there are plenty of places to wine and dine in the mountains once you have finished, or head back to Krakow for the main event.

Of course, booking your snowy stag fest might be the least of your worries if you also need accommodation, transfers to the airport and don’t know the lingo. The best option is to use an established company who will arrange the whole stag weekend in Krakow for you – look for a company that will not only sort out your winter fun but will also find you a competitively priced hotel, advise you on where to eat, drink and make merry, and organise transport to and from the mountains.

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Article Source: Snow, Snow, Quick, Quick, Snow – Why Krakow is a Winter Wonderland For Stag Weekends