Muck Boots in the Snow Fort

My kids love to play outside in the winter, especially when there is ten feet of snow. But, I don’t know of any mother that has had an easy time finding quality winter boots for their kids. When your kids like to play outdoors in the snow and mud like mine do, keeping them warm and dry can be nearly impossible! Usually by the time my kids wander back inside, their little feet are frozen solid. But this doesn’t happen anymore, not since they started wearing Muck Boots.

Now, the kids can go outside for long periods of time and really get down to business building their snow forts. Nothing can be more fun than burrowing a big hole in the side of a backyard snowbank and hiding inside. I’ve never been inside a real igloo, but if they make the fort big enough for me then I can’t resist climbing inside to check it out! Digging a hole in a snowbank takes time, though, and staying warm long enough to get the job has always been a challenge. Muck Boots are thermal insulated to keep those little toes toasty for as long as it takes to finish the task.

Muck Boots actually have a completely solid rubber construction, making them 100% waterproof. Though I have heard this claim before about other boots I have bought for my children, I have never found it to be true before. I didn’t think this was even possible with a kids boot, but Muck Boots really solves the problem of getting a waterproof boot. And, when my kids take off their Muck Boots (yes, they can get this kind off all by themselves), their feet are still warm and toasty inside—their feet are definitely the last thing to get cold now! The stretch-fit topline binding fits snugly to the calf, keeping snow from piling inside, yet allowing complete freedom of movement during any igloo building, climbing, or running that might happen.

One of the great things about the Muck Boots for kids is that they not only work great in the cold and snowy conditions, but when spring arrives and all that beautiful snow turns the backyard into a huge mud pit, these same boots work like a charm. They keep the mud and wet out nicely, and they are super easy to clean up, all I have to do is hose them off. Again, that solid rubber construction makes them the perfect choice for any outdoor conditions.

I won’t go back to buying the cheap, generic rubber boots for my kids ever again. I have finally found some boots that I can trust to keep them warm and dry when they play outside. There are several Muck Boots kids’ styles to choose from, depending on what you need. Kids should be playing outside more, anyway, and I know that my kids are playing outside this winter more than ever, now that they stay warm and dry longer. Muck Boots has made this possible!

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Article Source: Muck Boots in the Snow Fort