A Sauna With Snow Will Cure Cabin Fever

Have you ever taken a sauna with snow? Taking a sauna is good for you any time of the year. Traditional Finnish saunas heated with a wood burning sauna stove are the best. With a sauna all the bodies stress and tensions are drawn out by the sun’s radiant heat that was stored in the wood that is burning. As sauna stove warms the dry heat reaches deep into your body and forcing all the toxins out of it. The apparent felt heat is increased by pouring water on to the stove rocks that is accompanied with a loud hissing and snapping sound. As the humidity rises your sweat flow increases removing more poison and toxins.

You will find the best Finnish style saunas located near a cold clear lake or river. When the heat of the sauna is almost unbearable and the toxins are on the skins surface you open the sauna door and head for the lakes cold water. A quick dunk in the water rinses all the poisons off your body. You are now clean, refreshed and many times feel very much alive. Only a sauna with snow will make you cleaner and more totally alive.

Winter in the North is long, dark and cold. Even if skiing, snowmobiling or ice fishing are your passions eventually the dreaded old cabin fever will cloud your mind and make your body numb. The snow is great in December and early January but not so great in March and April. However there is a cure for the winter doldrums and cabin fever. Taking regular saunas will certainly help you stay healthy. Sauna parties are a great way to socialize as well. A sauna with snow may be the best way to clear your head, keep you healthy and give a sense of well being.

A sauna with snow begins with a regular sauna that has access to the great white outdoors. Once the sweat is really flowing well you simply open the sauna door and head out into the yard. Once there you simply lay down and roll in the snow. When it comes to taking a sauna with snow the more snow the better. Deep snow that covers your entire body is the best. In big snow country a sauna with snow means 4 feet of snow that will cleanse your skin of all the sweat. You will be surprised how long you can lie in the snow before you become cold. All the body heat gained in the sauna is melted into the snow.

Taking a sauna with snow means after a roll in the snow you return to the sauna for another good sweat. Once your core temperature has reached its peak then it is back to the snow for another good roll. A sauna with snow enthusiast will sometimes repeat the process several times before they feel they are fully cleansed. Rolling in the snow scrubs the skin further cleansing it. The affect is similar to the old Finnish tradition of scrubbing the skin with birch branches and leaves during the sauna.

Next time winter starts to drag you might want to consider taking a sauna with snow to improve your health and well being. You really have not lived until you have experienced a sauna with snow.

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Article Source: A Sauna With Snow Will Cure Cabin Fever