Rain Water, Snow, And The Damage They Cause

In the North, you can have some winter months where the snow that falls is a really large amount. In the South, you will have a lot of rain or frozen water and ice, with most of the southern states getting a lot. In both areas, sometimes the water rates are high, and sometimes they might be low. I have seen in the north when they got a big snowfall, but it was called a dry snow because there was no moisture. The snow would fall and land on your hand and just sit there instead of melting away.

I have also seen some really heavy snow that will sit on trees for a short period of time and break off the limb. We have also had some really bad ice storms that killed several trees and made power lines snap and fall to the ground. In the south, you have floods and ice storms, and both of these cause a lot of damage. All of these areas and a whole lot more can have severe damages from all of these storms.

A lot of snow can cause you to have an accident as some can have a lot of water coming at you, and I think the worst of these storms is ice. Most of the time, ice can’t be seen until it is too late, and then you might only feel it as you are sliding either in your car or on foot. If you go to slide on ice, it isn’t very easy to stop, and you could be severely hurt or even killed because this ice is slick. It is harder to even stand on it because your shoes will start to slide from even you letting out a little sneeze. If you should fall on the ice, you could break your teeth, an arm, or a leg, and if you don’t or can’t stop, you could wind up hitting a tree, in which you would really hurt yourself.

If the forecast should call for bad weather like rain or snow or even ice with a mixture of the others with it, I would advise you to stay at home. This way you will not be taking a chance of maybe getting hurt or stranded on the road somewhere. If you really must go out, make sure that you have extra clothes even if you are going a short distance.

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Article Source: Rain Water, Snow, And The Damage They Cause