Being Prepared for Driving in the Snow

The great state of Utah has the greatest snow on earth, right? Great for skiing, snowboarding and all other winter sports. But with that snow comes another inevitable: driving in it. Driving in the snow can be a scary prospect, especially if you live somewhere where the snow falls much of the winter.

Snow can be slick, slippery and tricky, and a little daunting to drive in. But with the right information and tools, you can drive in the snow with confidence. For more information on cars that will handle well in the snow, see a dealership for used vehicles in Utah near you. Your local car dealership will be able to recommend cars that will do well in the snow, giving you piece of mind next time you head out this winter.

Remember to not try and drive until the snow plow has done its work if you can wait. Just waiting until the snow has been cleared can drastically improve your chances of a safe ride. Make sure to plan your day around the snow, allowing yourself plenty of extra time to drive. If you have to drive in the snow, here are some other tips and tricks to use while driving in those icy conditions.

-Drive slowly. The biggest mistake most people make when driving in the snow is not taking into account that they need to slow down. Give yourself plenty of room to stop at stoplights. Make sure there is plenty of room between you and other cars.

-Never stop suddenly at stop lights or stop signs. Brake gently and you should be able to avoid skidding. If you do begin to skid, ease off of the brake and try applying pressure again.

-Always keep your lights on, especially if the snow is still coming down.

-Switch to lower gears when you can, this will increase traction on the roads and help you stay steady.

-Be careful and on the lookout for ice. It may look like the roads are simply wet. Use extra caution when crossing bridges or overpasses, as they will freeze first.

-Don’t pass other cars, especially snow plows or trucks. Stay a safe distance behind them.

-If you have four wheel drive, don’t use it as your false sense of security. You still need to drive carefully and be aware of your surroundings, regardless of what type of car you drive. Four wheel drive cars, however, are your best bet when it comes to driving in the snow. Look for used vehicles in Utah with working four wheel drive transmissions to increase your safety.

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Article Source: Being Prepared for Driving in the Snow