Nordic Skiing in Whistler

Whistler, officially known as the Resort Municipality of Whistler, is an exhilarating year-round tourist destination, located about two hours drive from Vancouver. Situated in the coastal mountain ranges of British Columbia, Whistler boasts of more than 8000 acres of skiable terrains and over 200 trails.

No matter you want to enjoy downhill skiing, Nordic or cross country skiing, glacier skiing, heli-skiing, or snow cat skiing, Whistler’s magnificent mountains, Whistler and Blackcomb, have an array of slopes and terrains to cater to every level of skiers and snowboarders. Hence, no wonder why Whistler has been rated the number one skiing resort in North America.

With its vertical drops, excellent snow conditions, and huge alpine area, Whistler Nordic skiing is regarded as one of the best kept secrets. In other words, Nordic skiing, or cross country skiing as it is popularly known, is a great way to propel through some of the most spectacular as well as tranquil winter landscapes of Whistler.

An excellent winter trail to enjoy Nordic skiing in Whistler is the Valley Trial, which is a paved trail stretching up to more than 30 km, connecting to all parts of the resort. Al though primarily a pedestrian/mountain biking trail, the Valley Trail becomes a safe trail to enjoy cross country skiing during winter. You needn’t have to worry that any errant ball will come your way while skiing.

Additionally, since it is well-linked, a skiing via the Valley Trail takes you through many of the resort’s fantastic neighborhoods. The Valley Trail is easily accessible from a number of places including the Whistler Golf Course on the Highway 99 in Whistler Village, Rainbow Park on the Alta Lake Road, and the Meadow Park Sports Centre on the Highway 99.

Located about five minutes from the Whistler village is Lost Lake, a haven for cross country skiing. A quiet, secluded, well-maintained area, Lost Lake offers more than 30 kilometers of scenic woodlands winding through the Chateau Whistler Golf Course and Nickolus North Golf Course.

The centerpiece of Lost Lake is undoubtedly its fantastic alpine lake, a 60-90 minute skiing around which is a great experience. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or an experienced Nordic skier, Lost Lake boasts of trails to cater to every level of skiers. A specialty is that Lost Lake Trails provides you wonderful facilities to even ski during night with its four kilometers long Lost Lake Loop Trail.

Another much favored destination for an enjoyable Nordic skiing is Callaghan Valley, about 15 km south of Whistler. The terrain found here are superb to experience almost all categories of skiing including cross country skiing and telemark skiing. Perhaps for this reason, Callaghan Valley has been chosen as the venue for conducting Nordic events of the 2010 Winter Olympics.

Further, many local ski companies operate here to provide you a excellent snow touring experience. For a memorable skiing, Nordic skiers can also take advantage of such destinations in Whistler as the northern end of Green Lake on the Highway 99 and the road that leads the 16-Mile Creek to Cougar Mountain.

Nordic skiing in Whistler has been categorized into classic cross country skiing and skate skiing. Since groomed trails are aplenty in Whistler, classic cross country skiing is a great way to ski through the great landscapes at a pace that enables you to enjoy the spectacular beauty of the place while appreciating the feel of skiing.

In contrast to classic cross country skiing that is perfect for a relaxing kick or glide down, skate skiing is the fastest way to enjoy Nordic skiing. In addition, Whistler also provides a wonderful base for other Nordic skiing classifications such as ski jumping, biathlon, and Nordic combined, which is a combination of both ski jumping and cross country skiing.

In order to make your skiing vacation a great experience, many world-class hotels and resorts provide high-end facilities. Some of them even render packages that are inclusive of skiing tours through some of the majestic trails of Whistler, ski rental equipments, accommodation, dining, and snacks and refreshments.

Additionally, there are a lot number of skiing companies in the scenario to impart you informative classes on different types of skiing. For example, if you are a first timer, then you can make use of one hour program inclusive of classes on propulsion and glide balance. Effective classes are also available to advance your skills in classic and skate skiing. offers real time bookings of premium properties in the world class ski resort of Whistler, British Columbia. Our business is to market property rentals in Whistler to high end vacationers in order to maximize property owners’ return on investment (ROI).

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