Andorra Skiing More Affordable with Low Cost Airlines

Many Europeans enjoy going on holiday in the winter, and ski slopes are one of the major destinations for individuals on holiday during the cold months.

Usually the only thing stopping an individual or family from going on holiday is the price tag, as some individuals and families don’t have the financial resources to fund a holiday trip to go skiing. However several low cost airlines are making a holiday to the ski slopes affordable for many more individuals and families.

Several airlines recently announced a plan to encourage more trips to ski resorts by opening up additional routes for travel. These fly passengers directly to the airports that are closest to several of the major skiing destinations for many individuals and families on holiday. For example, easyJet flies passengers on holiday into Barcelona, which is the nearest airport to the Andorra skiing resorts.

In addition to the flight taking passengers to ski at Andorra, there are several more flights connecting skiiers to their favorite ski destinations. Flights from London, Glasgow, Bristol, Liverpool, Blackpool and Newscastle all connect individuals to their favorite skiing destinations. In fact, Ryanair announced in October of 2007 that they would increase the number of ski routes to 58, which is the largest number of direct routes from the UK to European ski destinations for one company.

Of course several other airline companies have followed suit and are also offering individuals and families on holiday to ski resorts with low costs and direct flights. These include Snowjet, Flybe, Thomsonfly and of course easyJet.

The reason airlines have chosen to increase the number of direct routes they provide to ski resorts for the 2007 winter holiday period is due to the fact business is booming. As of the end of October, easyJet alone reported over 2.5 million bookings for individuals and families wanting their flying services to travel to skiing destinations in Europe during the winter.

Increasing the number of direct routes of these low costs airlines allows even more people to book flights for their holiday plans.

Due to the fact that more direct routes have been developed, individuals can expect to pay less for their flight than in previous years. More routes have made it possible for individuals to connect to their favourite skiing place straight from their local airport.

This means individuals don’t have to fly out of their way and experience a stopover before they even board the actual plane that will take them where they want to go. This will be a major benefit to many individuals as it will save time flying and instead allow them with more time to spend on the slopes actually skiing.

If you are planning to go skiing for your next holiday, consider using one of the low cost airlines offering direct ski routes. Not only do they offer you direct routes that fly you into the airport nearest the ski resort you are staying at, but they also make taking a holiday affordable for more skiiers.

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Article Source: Andorra Skiing More Affordable with Low Cost Airlines