Mooding Winter With Aroma Therapy

Autumn is a very beautiful time of year. Leaves turn from summer’s active splashy greens to the soft tones of brownish orange, mellow yellows and charismatic reds. As beautiful as the months of fall are, they also bring reminders for us to be prepare for winter’s whether chills. As the months grow colder people spend more time inside, and shift their focus on improving indoor atmospheres. There are a number of ways to winterize your home. One wonderfully fun and effective method of improving your atmosphere is with essential oils.

Aroma therapy has been used for thousands of years for stress reduction and as a medicinal method of healing. Even as a stress reliever, aromatherapy is a healing agent as less stress allows the immune system to function better. In fact, the workings of aroma therapy is know to stimulate ether or the circulatory, nerve, and the immune system. As an atmosphere enhancer, essential oils are a wise choice.

There is one particular fragrance I think is perfect for weathering winter woes. Lavender has many wonderful ways to keep you feeling great during the cold season. The wonderful lavender plant can bring forth it’s medicinal uses through aromatic oils, herbal tea, and as a internally digestive healing agent. Lavender is known for it’s use as an sleeping aid, pain reliever, digestive cure, skin treatment, hair growth stimulant, mood stabilizer and anti-depressant.

My prediction is that heavy lavender aroma therapy during the chilly months will have you feeling renewed and rejuvenated along with the other floral scented blossoms of spring.

Lavender in my opinion is amongst the best of fragrances for aromatherapy. However there are also many other undeniably great scents, such as Bergamot, Lemon Balm, Jasmine, Peppermint and many others, with wonderful atmosphere healing powers of equal magnitude. The important thing to be aware of, as you experiment with aromatherapy, is to do the research on what medicinal purpose each aroma will have an effect on and always know the recommended usage and dosage.

Using aroma therapy scents to enhance air quality is one of the most known ways to use essential oils. . The following are brief description of some of the useful way to utilize the power of essential oils.

Seven Aroma Motions

1. As a full body bath : A nice hot bath using a healing fragrance rejuvenates and enhances overall well-being.

2. The mini-bath: Special bath technique using hot bath and separate cold bath with alternating timing for circulatory system treatment.

3. The inhalant: With a few drops of essential oil in a humidifier or pot of boiled water medicinal properties can be quickly inhaled through direct deep breaths or slowly inhaled as full area aroma therapy.

4. Compresses: Oil on a cloth dampened with hot, warm, or cold water. This can be placed directly on skin or an infected area needing treatment or conditioning.

5. A liniment: Simply rub in oil for aches and pains, or like the compress it can be directly applied to the area needing attention.

6. Used as a mouthwash or spray: A simple mist spraying for throat irritation or for oral hygiene purposes.

7. Applied as a salve: Mixing oil with another substance like bees wax to create a solid applicable mass for long term applications.

Using aromas throughout the chilly months of the more closed in home-lifestyled living may prove to be a wise warm welcomed way to whether beyond the winter woes.

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