Winter Home Improvement Tips

Heads up! With the winter on its way, we start spending more time at home and hence appreciating our indoor atmosphere. These cooler months are perfect for some home improvements, so here are some helpful tips.

1) While thinking about your home improvement, you can undertake many projects or one at a time. Garage conversions are done for that much needed extra space. You can convert all or some part of your garage into another bedroom, an office, a gym or even a beauty salon!

2) As the winter is progressing homeowners should plan well in advance. You could plan for upgrading your central heating to reduce maintenance and utility costs. Vents near the floor can be opened and those near the ceiling can be closed for better air circulation. Your heating system should be checked up by the expert.

3) If your air cooling / conditioning system is older than 15 years, then you should think of replacing it with a modern, efficient unit. Your air conditioners should be covered or should be removed and the opening should be sealed. Consider adding new and more insulation in your walls. If it is possible, make sure walls are insulated to R11. Insulating your basement walls will be great idea. It can reduce common moisture problems caused by condensation. Note: If your house is constructed before 50 years, it may need cost saving blown in wall insulation.

4) Ventilation should be given attention. Attic insulation should not cover ventilation vents in the eaves, which prevents winter ice dams. Ridge vent and vents at eaves should be free of plants and debris. And if there are holes in rodent and bird screens in attic vents, replace or patch them.

5) The minimum you should so is at least undertake the cleaning of your home rigorously in winter, even if you are not going to improve anything in your home. Vacuuming under and behind freezer and fridge, for example, is necessary to improve efficiency of the units. And chimneys need to be cleaned and checked by chimney sweeps regularly. Decks need to be power-washed and resealed after every 4-5 winters.

6) The older type storm windows should be replaced while you’re at it. Reinstall the window latches if they are not working. Repairs of any cracked or broken window panes should be undertaken. Exterior walls should be checked. Pipes and wires should be sealed while outer walls should be checked and filled up so that no air can leak in.

7) All garden hoses should be removed, drained and coiled.

8) Gutters should be clean at all times. If they are rusty, they should be replaced with new aluminum or vinyl gutters. All interior drains should be free of debris.

And of course the season’s special discounts and special offers have something for every home. Of course you can take advantage of great discounts by ordering before December 31. Here’s to happy remodeling. Search the web for many more tips, tricks of the trade and other helpful articles. No need to tackle your home improvements alone!

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Article Source: Winter Home Improvement Tips