LED Flashlights And Other Equipment For Fun Winter Camping

Winter camping is exciting and adventurous. Camping in the cold elements can be a lot of fun, as long as you are prepared for your trip. It is important that you plan ahead for your winter camping to be sure that your trip will be both safe and enjoyable. Before you head out, be sure to have an itinerary and share it with a friend or family member, in case there is an emergency. Make a plan to check in so that in the event something does happen to you, your family will know to send help to you and where to send it, should you not check in by your agreed time.

There is some equipment that you will need for your camping trip in the winter. Be sure that you get recommended winter camping equipment that is made for the season and temperatures.

You will need a sleeping bag for cold weather. When you use your sleeping bag, change into warm, dry clothing and socks before jumping in for the night. You will also want to heat your sleeping bag before settling in for the night – you can do this by lying on top of it for a while.


It is important to have cutting utensils with you on your winter camping trip. A variety of knives will suit all your needs and purposes. A puma knife is a straight blade knife that folds back and locks open. This is your powerhouse knife, for big cutting jobs, such as ropes or even dinner. A pocket knife is something you should keep with you all the time for the smaller jobs where a puma knife is too large. You will also want to carry a survival knife with you. A survival knife is excellent for any style of camping. With multiple knife blades, screwdrivers, and scissors, it can help you while you are camping in numerous situations.


It is important to ensure you have ample lighting while you are winter camping. The days are much shorter in the winter time and a good portion of your camping day is still in the darkness. A LED lantern is ideal for illuminating a campsite as well as for hiking trails or caves. LED lanterns burn cool and are long lasting. They don’t use as much battery power as a standard lantern or light bulb so you will not have to worry as much about batteries. However, you will still want to bring extras, just in case. If you plan on doing any hiking, climbing or caving during your winter camping trip, be sure to invest in a LED headlamp. A LED headlamp provides lighting without taking up your hands – leaving them free for your activities. LED headlamps are much better than regular headlamps for the same reasons that the LED lanterns are better – they use less energy and the light is much stronger than with a regular light bulb.

One of the most important lights you will take with you is a LED flashlight. Keep one with you all the time, especially at night, in case you need to get up to use the washroom or for any reason at all. LED flashlights last much longer than a regular flashlight too and are available in a number of compact sizes.

You are easily prepared for your winter camping trip if you keep these things in mind. Pack enough high-energy food and water to sustain each camper for the length of your trip and you will surely enjoy a fun, invigorating winter camping adventure.

~ Ben Anton, 2008

Ben Anton lives in Portland, OR. We invite you to find out more about long-lasting LED lamps and lanterns at our web site for LED Lenser camping flashlights and headlamps.

Article Source: LED Flashlights And Other Equipment For Fun Winter Camping