Fully Charged: Beat The Winter Car-Starting Blues

We all know the feeling: you’ve woken up to find there’s been a hard frost or the temperature outside has plummeted, signalling that winter is well and truly here. You jump into your car or van – either getting ready for work or beginning the school run – you turn your engine on and… nothing! This usually happens at the least convenient moment possible, leading to a lot of frayed tempers and possibly a phone call to whichever automobile breakdown service you belong to. Valuable time is wasted and, in some cases, money.

The science behind this (apart from being governed by Murphy’s Law) is generally a flat battery. This can occur for a variety of reasons, such as leaving interior or exterior lights on, a corroded or loose connection between the battery and the cables attached to it, a defective charging system that does not replenish a battery’s charge or, most commonly, old batteries that are losing their capacity to hold a charge. Most batteries have a life expectancy of around 3 – 5 years and, as they have to work a lot harder in cold temperatures, this is when they start to show signs of failing. Another reason for a battery to go flat is under use; caravans, Motor homes and boats often remain inactive for long periods of time and, without the occasional run of the engine, the charge can deplete enough that the starter motor will not engage.

A simple solution is to have a car charger either on hand or stored in the boot of the vehicle. Some models, such as the CTEK Multi-Vehicle Battery Charger can give a vehicle enough charge to activate the starter motor within 30 minutes. Alternatively, it can fully charge a flat battery overnight, which does then remove the need to run the engine throughout the day in order to top up the battery.

As its name suggests, the CTEK Multi-Vehicle Battery Charger can be used on a variety of vehicles, including boats, motor homes, caravans, cars, motorcycles and even lawnmowers. This offers the benefit of not having to search for a charger that is exclusive to your vehicle, giving it a longer lifespan as it can be used on future vehicles. In addition, the CTEK Multi-Vehicle Battery Charger can enable you to help others who have not been quite so foresighted.

The CTEK Multi-Vehicle Battery Charger uses a four-stage charging system and it is this that allows it to differentiate between battery types such as wet, MF, Gel and AGM lead-acid batteries – and it even has a setting specifically for cold weather.

Whilst being unable to start the car on a cold morning can be very inconvenient, the problems thrown up by a flat battery in an emergency situation can be significant. Even if it something as comparatively trivial as ensuring that someone gets to an airport in time to check in, a flat battery can suddenly become an enormous obstacle. Losing charge in the middle of nowhere can be a traumatic experience – especially if there are young children involved. Having a car charger to hand can give you and your family peace of mind wherever you go and whatever the temperature might be.

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Article Source: Fully Charged: Beat The Winter Car-Starting Blues