Winter Pool Covers for Easy Winterization and Pool Safety

Safety pool covers provide a barrier of pool protection that can support hundreds of pounds and you can even walk across them. Swimming pool safety covers provide pool safety for your family and the best way to close your pool during the winter months. These pool covers are available in mesh or solid vinyl fabrics

The beneficial differences between the two safety cover types are from the fabric. Mesh safety covers block most of the sunlight that can cause algae concerns in the springtime. The mesh allows water to drain through, the larger debris, that causes most of spring clean up just blows away. However, small amounts of silt and dirt may pass through the mesh.

Solid safety pool covers block all the sunlight, which better eliminates algae. Solid vinyl pool safety covers collect water, snow and ice. When the snow and ice melts, it drains through a mesh panel constructed in the center of the cover. Solid covers keep more fine silt and dirt out of the pool than mesh safety covers. Solid vinyl safety covers can be made without any drain panels. If they have no drain panel, they will require a pool cover pump on top of the cover to pump water accumulation off automatically. Because the fabric is solid, it may allow puddles to accumulate on the surface if the straps are not adjusted to divert water to the drain panel. A mesh safety cover eliminates this type of risk to children or pets who may unexpectedly be exposed to the shallow water accumulation on top of the cover. Having the cover straps adjusted properly and using an automatic cover pump will help to minimize the water accumulation.

When the cover is removed, the deck anchors will screw down to recess flush with the deck to prevent tripping or toe stubbing. You need to have a concrete deck at least three foot wide surrounding your pool to use the standard concrete deck anchors. If you do not have a croncrete pool deck, there are other types of safety cover anchors available for wood decks, brick, pavers and earth.

You can use a swimming pool safety cover anytime of year. It takes only minutes to lock the cover over and protect your pool. If you go on vaction or your pool is unattended for a long period, you can have peace of mind using a safety cover in your absence. In-ground swimming pool owners prefer to use a safety cover compared to other winter pool cover choices because they are much faster and easier to install. They are also more pleasing to look at during the winter when the pool is closed.

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Article Source: Winter Pool Covers for Easy Winterization and Pool Safety