Will My Shipment be Delayed Because of Snow?

Generally speaking, when someone ships with an Atlanta courier service, they aren’t too worried about snow. It certainly does snow during the winters in Atlanta, but not as much as in more Northern climates, so people don’t always consider the impact that snow might have on the speed of their delivery as much as those who might be more used to getting snow on a regular basis through the winter months. Snow and other inclement weather is generally the number one factor in delaying shipments. Most courier companies are efficient enough to make most of their deliveries on time under normal shipping circumstances, but it is when something unpredicted like a winter storm occurs that it becomes very difficult to make their promised delivery time.

When you are making a delivery during the winter month it always pays to ask the courier company about current weather conditions along the delivery route and how that might affect the time it takes for your delivery to reach its destination. This is something that is especially important when shipping something outside the confines of Atlanta, where you might be able to have gotten a reliable local forecast. The courier companies usually stay on top of weather updates so if you are shipping into the Northern part of the country they should be able to let you know if any weather is in place which would delay your shipment.

Sometimes people try to ask for a refund if a shipment is late, but if this is caused due to snow or other weather related factors that are beyond any control of the courier company they usually will not get reimbursed for the shipment. Generally speaking, a courier company will not make reparations for any lateness of delivery when it involves factors that are totally beyond their control. This is different than a late package due to a mix-up on their sorting trucks which they will usually happily refund or credit an account for.

If you’re new to any particular courier company, take the time to ask about their snow driving policies. Some companies will add buffer times to their quotes during the winter months to allow for any delay due to snow in order to give their clients a more accurate representation of how long it will take to make a delivery, so you should ask how they plan for and accommodate the snowy season.

Paul McDuffy is an International Consultant for Atlanta courier service companies. With exceptional knowledge of courier services in Atlanta, Paul also contributes to a national Courier Services blog.

Article Source: Will My Shipment be Delayed Because of Snow?