Wedding Theme Ideas – Summer Or Winter?

Each season has its own trend to celebrate a wedding. From fall, winter to summer wedding, various wedding ideas were incorporated. Today, seasonal wedding theme is likely taking its lead for most couples opt to celebrate their wedding with fun and unique ideas. In fact, the rapid increase of summer and winter themed wedding ideas is unstoppable. But there’s still a question, what will you choose a summer or winter wedding? Quite tricky though, so try to read and understand this article for you to learn more and to decide easily on what wedding theme will you celebrate.

Summer-Themed Wedding

The hot of summer season may generate an idea of celebrating a beach-themed wedding, this is probably the most popular wedding celebration during summer time. The good thing about summer wedding is both the couple and guests will get to enjoy the fun and excitement brought by a wonderful outdoor event. However, this type of wedding theme is known to be less formal and suited for those who do not like formal or traditional style. Another advantage is, basically beach theme far more cheaper that preparing for a formal or traditional event. After all, this is a less formal occasion and most likely your accessories, decorations and favors are lesser in price too. Your favors were perhaps made from stones, sands and seashells where obviously much cheaper than crystals and metals. Therefore, this is another agreeable idea for those that are quite tight in budget.

However, summer wedding isn’t excuse for any hassles. The weather is the most important consideration when planning any outdoor celebration. Since beach theme wedding is a seasonal event and temperature issue is likely to arise, an extreme sunlight and high temperature can make your guests feel uncomfortable. The same case if it rains, what will you do to prevent this uneasy situation? These issues requires your full attention.

Winter-Themed Wedding

If the schedule of your wedding falls in winter season, then probably you will be having more romantic celebration. Winter wedding can be a unique celebration as what most couple dream of. Unlike any outdoor-type weddings, winter theme requires an indoor venue to comfort the bride and groom as well their attendees. A good thing about winter is that, this is typically not a peak season to have a wedding. Therefore, you will likely to take advantage of cheaper cost for a catering service, venue, and photographer. Basically, the schedules aren’t as in-demand compared to others.

Another thing about winter wedding is, if you’re a couple that opt for formal ceremony then this theme is your best choice. Obviously, this is more formal compared to summer wedding where you’ll be captivated with the classic and elegance of its color schemes, from flowers, wedding gifts and favors, wedding invitations to reception supplies, menus, wedding cake and the like. However, the problem with winter wedding is, this is the time where most of your possible guests will likely to travel for Christmas vacation or going back home. Consider to inform them as early as possible to make sure of their availability for your big day.

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