Water Damage – Tracking Rain And Snow Into The Home

If you live in an area that has a lot of snow storms or even rain storms, you will have more problems with water damage to your carpets and floors. In the winter time up in the Northern states, the snow storms will usually have many inches of snow fall over the winter months. When this snow falls, you will have a lot more traffic going in and out of your home walking over your carpeted floor several times a day. Family members will likely be tracking in all of this wet muddy mess on their shoes or boots every time they go in and out of the house.

In rainy seasons, you will have these same people doing the same thing, only this time you might have this water come in on its own as well. It might seep under your door, getting into your carpet by the door and this will cause not only damage to your carpet but also your floors. When it the rains, they will be going out and then they will run all over the home, tracking all of this mud and water from your door to their rooms and back. Puddles of water in the doorway is not uncommon for a busy household.

This will cause some water damage to areas near the doorways over time unless you are able to clean up the mess. You will have to use more water to remove the mud from your entrance ways ans carpets and sometimes you will only make matters worse. One way to avoid some of the mud and water that is tracked in is to make everyone use a back door and remove their shoes or wet clothing. If you have a garage or mudroom , this is where the wet stuff needs to be removed.

Avoiding water damage in the home should be kept a top priority. Tracking in water and snow might not seem like a big deal or a big risk for water damage, but when a family has several members and everyone is coming and going everyday in and out of snow and rain, it can get really messy. Any busy mom knows what a chore it can be to keep all of the mess mopped up. It is smart to keep a dry mop or old towels near the doorway and teach everyone to wipe or mop up their own wet tracks when they come in. Of course, you can not always depend on children, especially small ones to do this, so you will probably end up doing it anyway. This is the best way to protect your carpets and other floor coverings from stains and winter water damage.

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Article Source: Water Damage – Tracking Rain And Snow Into The Home