Walt Disney World’s Snow Infused Winter Summerland Celebrates 10 Years Of Magic

On March 12, 1999, Santa and his elves joined Walt Disney Imagineering to open Disney’s Winter Summerland, a 36-hole miniature golf course located near the entrance to Disney’s Blizzard Beach Water Park.

The wacky, elf-sized golf course, which is divided into two 18-hole experiences one sporting the zany, snow-clad Florida look reminiscent of Disney’s Blizzard Beach, while the other has a more tropical, holiday theme, including ornaments hanging from palm trees,is loaded with interactive elements that have entertained and engaged more than 1.5 million miniature golfers for the past 10 years.

“We have quite a few regulars we know who play a round of miniature golf multiple times during their trip,” said Tom, a Walt Disney World cast member. “In fact, just recently there was a family from England who visited us 10 times to play miniature golf during their stay at the Walt Disney World Resort. As they were leaving, they waved goodbye and told us that we’d see them in July. They come a few times a year, and their trip isn’t complete without a few rounds of miniature golf here.”

“I really enjoy working at Walt Disney World’s Winter Summerland,” said Tom, Walt Disney World Winter Summerland cast member. “The theme is just so great, and it is so fun watching our young Guests experience the unique courses.” Disney’s Winter Summerland was the second themed miniature golf course to open at the Walt Disney World Resort. Fantasia Gardens, Disney’s first miniature golf experience, is located along Buena Vista Drive adjacent to Disney’s BoardWalk Resort.

Walt Disney World’s Winter Summerland is so popular with Disney World guests and cast members because of its magic. The storyline behind our courses, the theming of each hole and the amazing attention to detail help create a miniature golf experience unlike anything outside of the Walt Disney World Resort. Plus, Disney World Resort guests can experience a true feeling of the Christmas season all year long.

The story behind the attraction: Late one moonlit Christmas Eve, as Santa was flying over Florida on his way back to the North Pole, he glanced down and could not believe what he saw. Santa found snow in a place that is usually hot. After surveying the strange location, he decided to build a vacation destination for his off-duty elves, a Winter Summerland. The only thing Winter Summerland lacked was a golf course. So the elves divided into two camps, one that enjoyed the warm Florida sun and another that preferred the snow and cold of the North Pole. In this Winter Summerland, the elves built two different 18-hole golf experiences, a summer course and a winter course.

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