Taking Skiing Holidays To Another Dimension

One of the most popular and oldest form of activity holiday and still remains to this day a top choice for many young people and families, is skiing. It is a holiday that is guaranteed to revitalise and refresh your senses, whilst providing an opportunity to relax on the resort chalets. One of the more popular destinations is ski holidays in Chamonix. This is considered one of the most challenging skiing resorts in the world, offering diversity in their ski slopes and impressive panoramic views.

Ski holidays in Chamonix are more popular with people who are experienced skiers and enjoy watching major winter sports take place. Other outdoor sports that take place in Chamonix are rafting, ice and rock climbing, extreme skiing, paragliding and canyoning. Chamonix is renowned for its extreme sport variety and is often referred to as ‘the death sport capital of the world’. Many who travel up to this region are impressed by its diversity and accommodation for people of all levels.

The ski season for Chamonix is usually in December; however, it is an open tourism destination for the whole year round. For people thinking about Chamonix as a possible ski holiday’s option should bear in mind that there are skiing tutors available for those intending to ski for the first time. However, first time skiers should bear in mind that there are a number professional skiers travelling into this resort; therefore, the high number of experienced skiers may put them off. There are separate slopes available for beginners, which is a safer option for those not to keen on sharing the slopes with professionals.

As well as ski holidays in Chamonix, one is also able to enjoy the ever-popular winter sports events, which take place nearly every year. The resort is considered one of the most demanding and challenging areas to ski, which makes it a perfect location for sporting competitions to be held here. In 1924 the winter Olympics were held, which then followed many other sporting events throughout the years, including mountain biking, snowboarding, skiing, speed skating and ice hockey.

Chamonix’s profile was raised after the holding of the first Winter Olympics, which helped it to become the main source and destination for sporting competitions. However, visitors may also be impressed by its famous scenery used in top blockbuster movies such as some scenes from Frankenstein, James Bond The World Is Not Enough and one episode of Alias. This has also been captured and used in Sony’s Gran Turismo 4 and the name Chamonix has been used for a Chilean ice-cream brand, which is currently owned by Nestle.

It is estimated that approximately 5 million visitors travel to Chamonix each year, making it one of top most popular international tourist destinations in the world. Whether it is pure skiing you are after, or a spot of culture experience and sightseeing, Chamonix incorporates all of the above and more!

Anna Stenning loves to take her ski holidays in Chamonix, as she is a big fan of extreme sporting activities.

Article Source: Taking Skiing Holidays To Another Dimension