Skiing; The Fastest Way To Fall Down A Mountain

The difference between dry slope skiing and real snow is unimaginable. That’s why it is well worth taking a ski holiday during the winter months. On an inaugural days skiing teetering at the start of a run, a common mistake to make as you set off is to think that dry slope skiing prepares you in any way. The snow plough that you have spent so long perfecting on the dry slope suddenly seems not to slow you at all. Try as you might you will soon find yourself seeing snow then sky in rapid succession as you tumble and collapse into a heap at the bottom of the run. I know this because this is my first recollection of a ski holiday, and despite this somewhat inconspicuous start I still dusted myself off and started again. I must admit this was totally my own fault as I had somewhat overestimated my own skills. However this inspired me further and within a week I had learned a great deal, leaving me at least confident and at most artful.

It is difficult to stress how enjoyable a ski holiday can be, from sucking in the fresh, pure air first thing in the morning to stopping halfway down a piste and enjoying lunch surrounded by alpine forests and views to die for. Whether a family, work colleagues or just good friends, a ski holiday is the ideal way to bond and enjoy time together. Learning to ski in a group with some of your closest friends could not be more fun, hysterical laughter spreads infectiously as collisions result in a pile of bodies and faces covered in snow. Anyone with any semblance of coordination however will not be at this stage long and after a matter of days with good tuition flying down the mountain carving snow will be possible, although falling over will still be a regular occurrence.

For those with more experience, skiing with friends, family or colleagues the pleasures of off-piste skiing are immense, the feeling of carving through fresh, untouched powder is exhilarating and the sense of achievement when coming through the experience, especially with those you know is unifying and does a lot to forge relationships, perfect for those in business looking to bond a workforce.

Where to stay during your ski holiday is the golden question. A chalet offers that homely feel and the ideal place to rest those aching calves after a long day. It gives the freedom of a base and is ideal for families, especially around the Christmas period. What would be better than waking up to a truly white Christmas, complete with open fire? A catered chalet takes this further and results in a luxurious stay without the hassle of chores, ensuring everyone is relaxed and enjoys their skiing. Hotels provide the bed and meals but miss the homely feel of a chalet, however for groups of partygoers these are a fine option, just make sure there is no curfew!

Skiing however is not the only reason to embark on a ski holiday; apres-ski is a huge benefit as the majority of resorts will have a wide selection of good restaurants, depending upon where you are in the world local cuisine is always worth a try. For those in more of a party mood, the bars are packed and the drinks pour freely. A great way to unwind after a hard day on the slopes is to dance the night away and in general, be merry. Just remember, try not to over indulge too much, you have to go skiing in the morning!

Shaun Parker has been an avid skier for many years. He shares his knowledge with those embarking on ski holidays. To find out more please visit

Article Source: Skiing; The Fastest Way To Fall Down A Mountain