Orchestrating A Winter Proposal

I’ve been seeing Henry for some time now. We’re good together and I know with just a little gentle persuasion I can encourage him to pop the question. I’ve thought about asking him myself but the problem is I’m just such a traditionalist and the proposal has to come from him.

I have been secretly plying him with aphrodisiac foods recently. Not that he needs any help in the bedroom department but I’m trying to foster the more romantic side of him.

It’s early January and the weather is miserable. Dark and gloomy during the day with long, long evenings stretching ahead. We need something to look forward to and as I’m determined this is the year of change, I begin plans to step up my campaign for the big question.

Valentine’s Day is the next biggie and I’ve been internet shopping for the perfect date/push. I thought about filling my flat with candles but after a trial run it wasn’t the most romantic looking room. My hot favourite at the moment is the idea of a luxury hotel.

I have found the perfect retreat in Scotland – surely one of the most romantic winter settings in the whole of the British Isles. Checking for availability, I book the Valentine weekend and struggle to keep it a secret for the next few weeks.

The weekend is almost upon us and he knows we’re going to Scotland. I haven’t told him it’s a romantic hotel but he’s not daft and he knows what the date is.

When we arrive we are greeted by the most beautiful, old stone Medieval building and my breath is taken away as we step out of the car onto the first of the weekends snow flurries. Henry is as keen as I am to get to our room and make sure the pre-ordered champagne is chilled and the chocolates are laid out.

We are not disappointed. As far as luxury hotels go this is perfection itself. A huge, solid four poster bed is swathed in luxurious velvet drapes in reds and golds. The room itself is lined with polished oak panelling set off by magnificent tapestries that make you feel like you’re stepping back in time.

Throwing our bags onto the gilded sofa we dive into the mountains of cushions piled on the bed and partake of the champagne. An hour later, I emerge to run a full on candle lit bubble bath. A beautifully deep, Victorian roll top bath is a luxury and we emerge together fully enveloped in the thickest of bath robes.

Dinner is brought to our room with every conceivable aphrodisiac food on offer. By the time we’ve moved onto the strawberries, I can tell by the look in his eyes that the ambience is working.

After a breakfast in bed of pain au chocolat followed by coffee a deux, we manage to drag ourselves away from our luxury hotel for a short stroll in the grounds.

The snow is settling quite thick now and gives a brilliant glow to the atmosphere. We reach the gardens and to my amazement, Henry goes down on one knee and proposes to me. Yes, this is what I had planned but it seems he did too because he has even come prepared with a huge rock for my engagement finger.

The luxury hotel wasn’t necessary but it certainly made this marriage proposal a special weekend to remember and we’ll definitely be returning for our honeymoon.

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Article Source: Orchestrating A Winter Proposal