Naked Skiing, Are You Taking The Piste?

Skiing is a self conscious pursuit for many of us as it is. Face down in the snow with your fluorescent clad bottom poking in the air while young Swiss couples circle you chuckling, is how many ski holidays start out. Despite the steep learning curve necessary it is growing in popularity and is now the most popular activity holiday in the world. Ski holidays are so popular that some people get a little bit overexcited and losing more than their balance.

Ski holidays can be found in every corner of the globe from Japan to the United States with many of the classic resorts in Europe situated around the Alps. Many of the resorts vary their attitudes to nudity based on the country that they are in, however you will find in this day and age that most resorts have a tight leash on nude ski holidays. This article explores some of the classic resorts that have accommodated nude ski holidays over the years.

The first of our naked ski holidays comes from Colorado, a state that you would not traditionally associate with such liberal pursuits as nude skiing. It started innocently in the mid 90s as the resort of Crested Butte offered free lift passes with ski holidays. This made it an incredibly busy resort and on the last day of skiing each year there were parties, some of which would get a bit boisterous resulting in a certain amount of streaking.

This gradually turned into a procession of naked skiers that would operate on the last day of the season. This combination of nude ski holidays and free lift passes was seen as an open invitation to many keg-chugging frat boys and the party reputation of Crested Butte was secured. As part of a clampdown police began handing out citations for drink and substance misuse offences much to the annoyance of the partygoers. It came to a head in 1998 and the naked skiing stopped.

Many resorts still host end of season bikini ski races and sell male ski things in their gift shops, however it is tough to find places that will still accommodate fully nude ski holidays. According to underground sources there is one mecca for naked ski holidays. It is a place called Obertauern in Austria which allegedly has naked friendly ski lifts, naturalist cross country ski routes and impromptu naked downhill races. On behalf of all the male contestants, it certainly is cold out there.

Other naturalist sites such as the Milky Way naturalist campsite in the Czech Republic are not ski holidays as such but they do have some skiing at certain points of the year. It is important to remember when attending naked ski holidays that you must wear sun screen all over your body, the reflections of the sun from the snow can cause serious sunburn in places you really should not have it. Also you can get what is known as an ice rash from falling in the snow.

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Article Source: Naked Skiing, Are You Taking The Piste?