Inspired Future – Snow, The Recession And You

Because of the current recession, many people are living day to day, fearful of the future. If we really want to be inspired, what can we learn from the new circumstances?

Coincidence is a good teacher. For example, here in the UK we have recently had the heaviest snow for 18 years. Strangely it’s also 18 years since the last recession.

Snow is always a surprise first thing in the morning because it arrives so quietly. When I looked into the garden, it seemed totally undisturbed. But outside there were paw prints across the patio – probably a cat.

Round by the garage, mice had been circulating and had run under the door. Perhaps it was the cat again. Birds had been busy near the gate with prints of different sizes.

Further away from the house, a bigger animal had crossed the lawn. I could see where it came through the fence and then made an exit on the other side. This could be a fox on patrol.

The snow was showing up activity that would normally be invisible. Habits had been exposed and recorded as surely as ink on a page.

In a way, the recession is acting like snow because it is revealing tracks of behavior. Now we can see the ‘actors’ in the drama and a record of past events.

We can see how banks, government and regulators have behaved. We can also see how consumer habits and society values have contributed. We may even be able to spot our own footprints mingled with the others.

Because we have a chance to see clearly what was happening, we can use that as a basis to decide how we want to behave from now on.

Habits of material acquisition are already disrupted and it is no longer cool to be heavily in debt. The pressure to keep up with the neighbours is diminishing and emphasis is shifting away from the superficial towards more lasting fulfilment.

This change is giving each of us space to review what really matters. You can decide what is important to you now and what you can let go. The beliefs that underpinned the pre-recession world may no longer be valid.

It may be a brave thing but you can change your mind! You don’t have to carry outdated ideas in some mistaken notion that you have to remain consistent with your earlier self.

Getting practical, you could start a review with these questions:

1. What are the non-negotiable essentials in your life/work? (eg. goals? relationships? values/morals? self-image?)

2. What no longer serves you well? (eg. assumptions? habits?)

3. What would be a radical and positive change for you?

4. How do you want to develop personally over the next 12 months?

5. What does success mean to you?

So rather than wishing for the snow just to melt away, use the patterns it reveals to create an inspired springtime of growth and fulfilment.

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Article Source: Inspired Future – Snow, The Recession And You