How Do I Keep Warm And Dry In The Snow?

You’re thinking of going snow skiing, or perhaps snowboarding. Maybe it’s your first time. But it’s going to be cold, really cold, and you’re wondering about dressing appropriately so that you stay warm and dry in the snow and enjoy your trip. How do you go about dressing for the snow?

It’s one of the most important things you can do if you’re new to going skiing or snowboarding. The difference between making the right choices for your snow apparel, and the wrong choices, may mean the difference between a fun comfortable, dry and warm day, or a cold, damp and decidedly uncomfortable day that you won’t enjoy at all.

Firstly it’s important to understand a basic principal of dressing for cold weather, or snow. You need to understand layering.

Layering is simple really. You need to wear a range of different layers of clothing, each one with it’s own purpose. It’s not sufficient to just wear your regular clothing and put a good ski jacket over it all. Whilst high quality ski wear is very important, there is more to dressing well for the cold and snow than just buying a great jacket.

So make sure you adhere to the principal of layering. The first layer is the one next to your skin. It’s important to adhere to a couple of simple rules here. Firstly, stay away from cotton. Whilst cotton is a wonderful fabric in some circumstances, it isn’t ideal for cold damp conditions. Like some other natural fibers, such as wool, cotton gets damp easily and does not dry well. So if it’s next to your skin it will leave you feeling damp and cold. If you’re prone to getting cold easily go for long sleeved and long legged top and bottoms made from a synthetic fabric such as polyester, or Polartec, which is a fine fabric choice for your first layer.

Next comes the second layer. For this layer the rules for the first layer still apply. Stay away from natural fibers like cotton or wool, for the same reason. They take up moisture and make you damp. Look for a good fleece. This layer is to help keep you warm and also to keep the moisture away. A fleece made from a synthetic fabric will do the job fine. Again Polartec is a great material to choose, though not the cheapest.

And for many days, especially during good weather, and especially if you’re busy skiing or snowboarding hard, this may be enough. You’ll be surprised at how warm a good synthetic underlayer and a high quality synthetic fleece will keep you. They will breathe well, allowing you to sweat without getting damp, and keep you warm and toasty.

But on some day, especially days with cloud cover or wind, you need a third layer. This layer is the important layer on those really cold days when you still want to get out on the slopes regardless. The ski jacket and snowpants. When it’s seriously cold and wet outside, and you’re going to be out in it, you need high quality snow clothing. Again you need synthetic fabrics that keep you warm and dry. A high quality synthetic fabric will cut the wind, allow you to stay warm but still allow your body to breathe, and keep moisture away.

There are very good synthetic fabrics that are well known, Gore Tex is the most well known probably, though there are others. These are durable fabrics that, when used in a good quality ski jacket, will be servicable for many years and keep you warm and snug. Whilst it costs more to buy high quality synthetic fabric ski wear, the extra cost is worth it. And of course there are always places online where you can find great quality skiwear discounted.

So if you’re going skiing for the first time, or snowboarding, or perhaps just taking a holiday to Alaska, or for some reason venturing into serious cold climates, adhere to the layering principal. Use high quality synthetic fabrics in layers, wear as many layers as you need and you should stay warm and dry for the day, enjoy your days skiing or snowboarding, and be ready to go again the next morning whatever the weather.

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Article Source: How Do I Keep Warm And Dry In The Snow?