Gift For Christmas A Great Snow Boarding

Snowboarding is susceptible to trends and styles fading quickly, it is always best to aim for quality rather what looks cool today. When considering the purchase of a snowboard, don’t be fooled into thinking that you have to pay high prices to get quality. Lower priced snowboards are just as fun to be on, and you might be surprised at their quality.

The following are few of the great snowboards available in the $300 or less range.

The Blunt Burton Snowboard – This particular snowboard has a much lower price yet its performance is great. The blunt Burton snowboard does not take into consideration the latest technology but instead is created using components time tested by Burton. Your favorite snowboarder’s skill will advance through use of this snowboard, as it is very easy to use and control while at the same time helping the user learn to board slide and ride through any obstacle.

Moreover, your wallet will definitely appreciate your wise financial decision.

Kink Ride Snowboard – Snowboard riders that spend their spare time on boxes and rails know that the boards they are using will be trashed. For these riders, the kink ride snowboard is ideal due to its extremely affordable cost. For many seasons, riders have chosen the kink ride because of its durability. In addition, the kink ride snowboard is mellow enough to let its riders learn a new trick or two while at the same time packing sufficient experience to keep up with many of the advanced snowboard happy riders.

Gnu High Beam Carbon – This snowboard Christmas gift idea comes from the Mike Olsen Company. The people from this company manufacture high-end snowboards. This particular snowboard carves much like a snowboard racer and is easy to control in any terrain. The tail and smooth shape of the Gnu high beam carbon actually float thru rips and powder.

Mendenhall option – This snowboard Christmas gift idea rocks because it is ready to take on park hits, long handrails, urban terrain without it being too expensive. Plus, this particular snowboard rides better than some of the expensive snowboards on the market, making them affordable for the average weekend snowboarder.

Team Endeavor – This snowboard company is best known for top of the line snowboards with great graphics. Usually, such a combination mean one thing: very expensive. However, Team endeavor has created a completely handcrafted board with great graphics at an affordable price. It allows anyone to ride with the maximum style.

Overall, there are many snowboard Christmas gift ideas that fit your budget and preference as long as you know where and what to look for.

This author is a Big Fan of Burton Snowboard

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