Get Your Auto Ready for the Cold Winter

Father winter is on its way or partially here. Not only that but you can count on it for the weather to get colder and colder as winter progresses. If your car is having difficulty now – what will happen when the cold Manitoba winter sets in? Lots of luck.

Just like almost everything else in life automobile maintenance and preparation are key to an uneventful winter’s motoring.

What can you do to get your car ready for winter? Plenty.

First of all book an appointment to give your car a complete inspection and tune up before the real cold of winter sets in. It is no secret in life that most people live everything for the last minute. In the case of winter time repairs, by leaving things for the last moment will mean delays and lack of vital transpiration to you. You may be spending unnecessarily time waiting for the bus in the dead of winter; up before the crack of dawn just to make it to work on time, so the boss does not give you a telling for arriving late to work.

You can be sure that if you wait for that real cold snap to book the inspection and tune up for your car – then every else in the world – or at least in your town – will be there at the garage or local Canadian tire outlet begging for quickest service in the world.

First you will have to get your frozen, non starting vehicle to the garage. That will involve long waits both on the phone line and then an even longer wait for the tow truck to arrive. Then it’s off to the garage repair shop to wait in a long line and beg for service trying to jump the queue. Problem is everyone else is in the same boat. You all will have to wait the same.

Imagine if you would have only booked the appointment some time earlier – or at least before the worst cold snap of the season, so far arrives. Your car will start. You can drive it to the repair shop. Timing can be done at your leisure. Perhaps the dealer or repair garage facility can even give you a lift to work in their auto transport shuttle. All in all it’s a much more civilized way and manner to have your routine winter tune up and inspection done early and earlier before the rush sets in. A lot easier, perhaps less expensive and certainly less stressful for you and your vehicle as well.

With the routine tune up there are a couple of extra touches which provide for extra attention to your vehicle for the winter ahead – be it car, truck, van or S.U.V.

First make sure that the engine oil and radiator coolant are changed. Have the transmission, power steering, brakes, radiator and battery fluids checked as well. It’s a good practice to change the radiator anti-freeze every year or second year at most. Anti-freeze not only protects your engine , radiator and coolant hoses from freezing – it also feeds the heater and window defroster to keep you warm , snug and safe when driving your car in the wintertime.

All in all the importance of a winter check up and tune up for cold wintertime driving can not be overemphasized. Plan ahead to make your motoring trouble free. Cars need care. Good care will ensure that your vehicle will run efficiently and will last a longer time. Especially if you drive in cold winter areas and in wet or cold climates you not only need to fight rust on your car body but also freezing frigid weather and automotive mechanical breakdowns.

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Article Source: Get Your Auto Ready for the Cold Winter