Essential Winter Driving Tips

Many customers are unaware of the fact that the majority of accidents are through the winter months due to the conditions in which we are forced to drive. The snow on the roads, the ice and the moisture within the air create less than perfect conditions while delaying reaction times due to the sleek texture of the roads. Learning to drive in the winter is an essential tool to being a safe driver – use these tips to increase your driving skill – especially through the cold winter months.

Although driving skills are essential, it is important that the customer be prepared to deal with emergency situations. A first aid kit and blanket should be a necessity in every vehicle, especially during the winter. During the winter, it is essential to add a shovel to the vehicle, as well as sand or a burlap bag – as these items can assist in removing the vehicle from a snow bank. The sand and burlap bag will assist in creating traction. Shovels are often available in collapsible versions to accommodate small storage spaces within vehicles.

During the winter, it is essential that we maintain the livelihood of the car. Ensure that all fluids are topped up on a regular basis to avoid a malfunction within the engine. It is important to prepare the engine for winter with the use of antifreeze, which will help the engine to avoid freezing during cold weather. Antifreeze is an essential part of the winter maintenance for any vehicle.

Although speeds upwards of 55 miles are sufficient in dry weather and the best condition – motorists are warned to slow down during the winter months. Many times, we are unable to see the ice that has formed on the road. This phenomenon, known as black ice, has claimed many lives through accidents related to winter driving. It is important to keep an adequate distance between yourself and the vehicle behind you on the road. Be sure to have time to break, keeping in mind that the slippery roads will mean more time to do this.

There are many tools that can be used to keep the windshield clear while driving. It is important to remove all of the ice from the vehicle before traveling to your destination. Failing to remove the ice causes dangerous blockages in the windows, which can be dangerous to the drivers, passengers and other drivers on the road. On the inside, a rag or defroster within the vehicle can be used to keep the windows clear of the fog, which can make it hard to drive and pose risks for other drivers.

Most important, avoid sudden stops or hasty direction changes throughout the winter months. Ice can form without the driver even knowing it, and snow can fall in the middle of a trip. Make small changes to your driving habits to increase the safety of your driving this winter. Many drivers do not make these simple adjustments to their driving techniques and pay the price with their vehicle, or even their lives.

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