Easy Ways to Improve Your Skiing

You should not only run on skis with your legs, you must have your wits about you. In other words, you might easily run into a tree. Trees don’t step aside and are not to be considered as brakes. You must also be able to recognise bad snow. So take a good look at the terrain, the snow, etc. and consider how you propose to overcome this or that obstacle. Just as in business you have to prepare for all eventualities, the same applies in ski-ing. I have noticed, however, that the best business people with their agile minds are by no means the best ski runners.

Use Your Head

Everything has to be learnt and mastered. Many ski-ing movements may reside in the blood, nevertheless you have to concentrate before every swing you make. While I have complete mastery of my skis, and can safely say that before each swing I am concentrating 100 per cent., I notice that I pass trees and obstacles whereas my pupils are apt to rush straight for them.

These big solid obstacles apparently have a particular attraction for beginners. In any case, the pupil has eyes in his head and he must learn to use these eyes to take in all the obstacles and to decide in a flash in which direction his swing must take place.

Just as important is the immediate recognition of different types of snow all of which need a different technique and get you into a host of troubles if you think that you can treat them all according to plan. So remember the precept, ” Don’t run pigheadedly and heedlessly over the countryside but look round, reflect, make your decision at the right time and react as the occasion demands “.

For Good Ski Runners and Those who will one day enter this Category

By and large, the ingredients which go to make an elegant skier who can run at speed are strong will, courage, agility, strength and endurance, keen eyes, a healthy heart and lungs, not to forget a sense for movement. The ambitious person who wants to develop into a crack skier must, apart from special talents, be endowed by nature.

Today the most intensive training and ambition are not enough to bring you into the foremost ranks of the game. But apart from talent, all those virtues which go to make up a good ski runner are to be found in a normal healthy man.

With time a feeling for the beauty of movement as you run will be born in you. This would go much more rapidly could the ski runner be able to see and observe himself. Unfortunately, it is impossible to surround the practice slopes with mirrors as is done in a riding school in order to check your position.

Many crazy shooting gallery figures would then disappear from the practice slopes and one danger would be removed from their fellow skiers. How many people feel that they have it in them to become racing skiers? Determination displays itself in ski runners above all in the fact that one is hard and uncompromising with oneself. You must never give up. Go on practising and practising and training even if it takes ages to learn the parallel swing. Practise your weaker side until you are as proficient as with the easier side.

It is a pity there is no comptometer that could show you how many falls could be avoided had the ski runner not given up the ghost. The fair sex, above all, but also the men should get into the habit of checking after each fall to see whether it could not actually have been avoided. All the figures in ski-ing demand a certain degree of courage and skill.

In this sport there are always dangerous surprises which on the slightest abandonment can entail a danger. One thing is certain, anyone who runs away from danger is at a disadvantage compared with the man who resolutely and calmly grapples with it.

With practice you will develop into the sort of skier you always wanted to be. Good luck!

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Article Source: Easy Ways to Improve Your Skiing