Do You Winter Health Blues And Feel That You Should Travel South?

Being “depressed” can often make you feel more than exhausted, feeling worthless as well as helpless and hopeless. Negative thoughts and feelings may make you feel like giving up on life in specifics and life in general. It is more than important to realize that these negative views may be in part to “mood disorders” and “depression: specifically.

What signs and symptoms should you watch for and be on the lookout for? Signs and symptoms of concern are low mood associated with any of the following – loss of appetite, low energy, feelings of guilt, difficulty concentrating. Be watchful for difficulty in getting to sleep, waking up often in the middle of night and not being able to go back to sleep. Especially, especially if you have thoughts of death or suicide you should immediately make an appointment with your doctor, or stroll over promptly to your local hospital emergency ward.

You may find that in consulting with health care professionals that you may have to adjust your expectations in life – and expectations of others. Best not be concerned. These downward adjustments are practical in nature. These may well be only short term in nature as you work to re-orientatate yourself and your goals. It is as a general rule best to stay as active as possible that is without overworking yourself. Always seek to know your limits – either at the moment or overall in your life and / or personality.

You will find quickly that negative thinking will begin to fade as treatment, or changes in your life begin to take effect. There is hope. Hope and help are on their way.

Depression or the “blues” can be said to take a lot out of you. Indeed it is often quoted that “having the blues can take years off a person’s life”. Thus, it is more than realistic, to be straightforward and honest about your goals, responsibilities and tasks. Stay as active as possible without overextending yourself with more activities and responsibilities than you can possibly handle – no matter what anyone else says, demands or insists. Above all, be realistic for the moment. Deal with reality at hand.

It is always best practice to break large tasks into smaller more manageable ones. Some people refer to this as the “salami technique”. Often a big task cut down into a number of smaller more manageable tasks is doable whereas the larger task can seem overwhelming an intimidating.

Above all avail yourself of the help and support of friends, your family (if so situated and you find that they both offer and extend useful support) and your medical supports system. In the end it’s all about life – both being able to cope with life, enjoy life and as well accomplish your personal and family goals and being a productive and happy contributor to both life and those that you love around you.

Lastly do your best to reduce personal stress wisely. Exercise on a regular and consistent basis and eat a healthy diet.

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Article Source: Do You Winter Health Blues And Feel That You Should Travel South?