Diminishing Snow Falls Expected in the Pyrenees

People have enjoyed skiing trips in the Pyrenees Mountains for nearly a century – global temperatures rising could put an end to these holidays though.

Spain’s High Council for Scientific Research (CSIC) performed a study that showed significant reduction in snow and rain fall in the foreseeable future. As the temperature goes up by 2.8 to 4 degrees Celsius each year, snow fall is expected to be reduces by 14.8 percent annually by the year 2100.

This is devastating news for French and Spanish ski resorts, as well as anyone likes to spend their holidays on the slopes.

The Pyrenees Mountains attract visitors to both France and Spain. There are nearly 40 ski resorts between the two countries.

Skiing is a big business throughout the region. Ski resorts offer luxurious accommodations and breathtaking views of the mountain. La Molina is the oldest ski resort in Spain, first used in 1909. Over the last decade the Pyrenees Mountains have become known for its ski slopes.

Ski Resorts are Big Business in France

The Pyrenees Mountains attract many visitors to the ski resorts in France. More than 200,000 Brits travel to France each year to experience a ski holiday.

Tourism is built around ski resorts, from spas and wine tasting to canoe trips and golf. Walking tours of the Pyrenees are also available during the summer months. Ski resorts in France range from very basic buildings to modern facilities and cover all ranges of difficulty on the slopes.

Andorra Ski Slopes

Andorra, a small principality of just 450 kilometers that is located between France and Spain, is a popular place for skiing holidays. While known for being tax-free, Andorra is also known for reliable snow, quality ski schools, busy slopes, lively nightlife and reasonably priced food. Andorra has the largest span of ski slopes in the Pyrenees. Visitors hit the slopes from December to March each year (and longer with the help of snow-making machines.)

Less Snow Fall to Drive Up the Cost of Ski Resort Holidays

The idea that less snow is expected each year puts a damper on holidays to ski resorts. There is a strong possibility of a shorter ski season, which in turn will put higher value on ski time and raise the price of such a trip.

Ski resorts may not have any other options than to raise prices because they will have less snow to work with, a shorter amount of time for peak ski weather each year and rising operating costs.

One resort reports that they have a higher carbon emission level and higher energy usage. They have made strong efforts to go green and conserve energy, but their efforts have not been effective. Pair this problem with less snow fall, and there will be big problems in the ski resort business in coming years.

The Future of Ski Resort Near the Pyrenees Mountains

The future of snow covered ski slopes is dim. Rising operating costs and reduced snow fall are predicted and they are cause for concern for the owners of ski resorts.

It will come down to a shortened ski season and higher prices for visitors. Ski resorts will also have to maximize their summer walking tours through the Pyrenees Mountains.

Holidaymakers need to either save up for their next ski trip or look for good deals on ski packages to make it a more affordable trip.

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Article Source: Diminishing Snow Falls Expected in the Pyrenees