Carpet Cleaning During The Winter

Although most carpet cleaning is not that different throughout the year, some of the reasons to have your carpet cleaned in January are not the same reasons they would have your carpet cleaned in July. The different seasons play varied roles in carpet maintenance.

If you are living in Charlotte, North Carolina for example, during winter, snow generally comes. This means the reasons to use companies that specialize in carpet cleaning in Charlotte have changed from the summer to winter.

During the winter, those interested in carpet cleaning can often find better deals. For example, during December, a few companies offer holiday deals (whether that’s Christmas, Hanukah, Kwanza, or another holiday that you celebrate). Some of these deals include lower prices for the same carpet cleaning that you would get other times of the year. Other deals include free cleaning of a room when you get another room cleaned.

Since many people spend more time insides during the winter, they may feel that carpet cleaning during the winter is unnecessary. This is not true. Your carpet should be cleaned every six months to a year. Although the materials that were deposited on your carpet during the winter are not always the same ones that were deposited there during the summer, it is just as important to have a clean carpet in the winter as it was during the summer.

Even if you take off your shoes at the door, snow and mud will be tracked into the house during the winter. As more and more people walk on that carpet, the mud and dirty snow get smashed into your carpet. It is then that the need to contact a company that does carpet cleaning becomes more apparent. As the mud and dirty snow get smashed farther and farther into the carpet, these materials are causing more and more damage to the carpet. The longer you wait to have your carpet cleaned, the harder it will be to get the carpet completely clean. Since some companies that do carpet cleaning charge more for more difficult stains, this could end up costing you more if you don’t have your carpet cleaned on a regular basis.

Although many people do spend more time inside during the winter, those who have to scrape their car windows or who have to brush snow off of their cars will often start their cars before starting the process of ridding their car of snow and ice. Because of this, the people are standing outside of their cars connecting with the car emissions more than they would on a regular basis. When they return to their homes, these car emissions come with them. For people with allergies, asthma, and other breathing problems, these chemicals can be especially harmful. Because of this, carpet cleaning is an important practice to continue throughout the year. Although the materials that cause damage to your carpet might change through the year, the need to have a clean carpet continues to be an issue no matter the time of year.

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