Caring for Sheepskin UGG Boots in the Season of Snow & Slush

There’s nothing like a cozy pair of UGG AustraliaTM sheepskin boots to keep your feet warm and comfy during winter’s worst. Cared for properly, your UGG boots will see you through many winters in style! Here are a few guidelines to ensure your sheepskin footwear stays ship-shape all year long.

First Things First: Prevention is the Best Measure!

Sheepskin is naturally resistant to water and can tolerate small amounts of rain and snow without seep-through or damage. However, for more serious weather, be sure to treat your beloved UGG boots with UGG Water & Stain Repellent. Instructions are on the bottle.

How to Properly Clean UGG Boots

If your UGG Boots do happen to get stained, or if you just want to give them an overall cleaning, be sure to use the UGG Cleaner & Conditioner. Just follow the instructions below:

1. This might seem like common sense, but do not put your UGG boots through a washing machine! You should only ever hand-wash and/or spot treat them.

2. Using a spray bottle and a damp cloth, moisten the entire surface of your UGG boots (or the portion you wish to clean)

3. Dilute the Cleaner & Conditioner, making sure to use one half part water and one half part product.

4. Apply a small amount of the diluted cleaner to a clean, damp sponge. Be sure not to apply the cleaner directly to your boots — this could cause spotting.

5. Gently rub the areas you want cleaned, making sure not to scrub too aggressively or use undiluted cleaner.

6. Rinse the surface area with clean, cool water, making sure not to soak the boot through.

7. Let your boots air dry — do not dry with a blow dryer or in direct sunlight. You can also lightly stuff them with paper to help hold their shape.

8. When the boots are dry, gently brush them with a soft suede brush in one direction to restore the sheepskin’s natural luster.

As with all things, common sense is key when it comes to caring for UGG boots (and UGG Australia sheepskin shoes, slippers, flip flops and handbags as well, for that matter!). It’s best to avoid wearing your sheepskin boots out in heavy rainstorms, or in really muddy areas where they might get soggy and/or soiled. But with proper care and cleaning, your UGG Australia favorites can bring years of comfort and enjoyment.

An experienced fashion writer, Nicole Travelle holds an M. A. in journalism and is the in-house copywriter for Overland Sheepskin Company. Travelle is currently in love with UGG Boots, and the UGG Australia line in general, but she’ll happily wax poetic on anything from shearling coats to cozy sweaters & designer leathers.

Article Source: Caring for Sheepskin UGG Boots in the Season of Snow & Slush