A Series of One on One Interviews with Russian, Ukraine Ladies. Nº3 Lesya

They are possibly the most beautiful and desirable women on the planet, but sadly there is now distrust, both with the men interested in these ladies and the ladies themselves, both within the FSU and in particular, The Ukraine. This is a great pity and we believe largely due to misunderstanding, or failures of communication.

What do these ladies think? What is their point of view and how do they see the West, or the men that are so attracted to them? It is hoped that this series of interviews can help to break down these suspicions and doubts and help create trust and understanding. We believe that this ongoing series of articles will be of serious interest to any man seeking a Ukrainian, Russian bride, or partner.

Question. Hello, Lesya. Thank you for agreeing to this interview

Answer: Hello! I hope my interview will help somehow to overcome distrust of foreign men and open more interest towards Ukraine.

Question You are a very beautiful young lady, it is difficult to believe you have any problem attracting the attention of men?

Answer: I fell in love with American man. He broke my heart, left me and went to America. I haven’t met my type of man here in Ukraine. There is no problem to attract men’s attention, but as usually it doesn’t seem worth it.

Question. When did you decide to register to an international dating agency?

Answer: I found that values and priorities of Ukrainian and foreign men are different. So why I want to connect my life with a man from another country.

Question Was it something you did spontaneously, or did you consider this cautiously?

Answer: I am not a thoughtless person. My decision, I take my decision carefully.

Question. Was it an easy decision to take, seeking your soul mate internationally?

Answer: It was considered decision after experience of relationships with Ukrainian men.

Question. Many Ukraine ladies are very suspicious, or even frightened of seeking a man from the West. Do you have some fears also?

Answer: Yes. But I think: “Nothing ventured, nothing gained”

Question. Do you know that many western men are very mistrustful, or doubtful of finding a genuine and sincere Ukraine lady? Have you heard these stories?

Answer: Maybe men are suspicious because there is a big financial side involved in this search and international relationships. In some cases there is difficulties to recognize Lie and truth, benefit and sincerity. There is some risk.

Question. Please tell me, from the point of view of a Ukrainian Lady Do you think you can find a loving, caring and respectful man from a foreign country?

Answer: I think yes. “Hope springs eternal in the human breast”

Question. Have you personally heard of some very frightening stories? Of terrible things Happening to Ukraine ladies, on moving to a foreign country?

Answer: I communicated only with religious foreigners. They are very nice.

Question. But you are willing to try anyway?

Answer: I heard only stories with the good ends. I know many women who married abroad. They are not going to come back. They are happy.

Question. You are an exceptionally beautiful lady. As a theatre and stage manager, do you feel that you have a Greater possibility of success outside of The Ukraine?

Answer: I guess with my temperament and ambitions I can fulfil in any place.

Question. For me The Ukraine is a enigma, very beautiful, many very, very educated and Intelligent people, it seems to have so much potential and yet life seems very hard. Is it getting better? Do you feel life is improving within the Ukraine?

Answer: I love my country and it will be very difficult to leave it, only if there will be very distinctive reasons to leave here. I am restrained by the city I live. But I am not able to change something by myself. It seems there is an exclusive circle. Ukraine has a future, but it doesn’t have the present.

Question. Thank you, Lesya, for your honesty and openness. We wish you every success and Happiness and as the agency entrusted by you, we will be with you every step of the Way. Well actually until you tell us you do not need us anymore.

Answer: Thank you.

Question. May we include your photo/photos within this interview?

Answer: Yes.

A continuing series of interviews aimed at breaking down the barriers of mistrust and suspicion between Ukraine and Russian ladies and helping to promote understanding and trust across the linguistic, cultural and historic divide.

Terrence Aubrey is the CEO of a International dating agency based in The Ukraine. Through working with these ladies he has learnt much of how they see the rest of the world and why so many have taken the chance of registering to an International agency. He has written many articles and guides on the subject of Russian and Ukrainian ladies.To find out more visit, http://www.confidentialmatchmakers.com

Article Source: A Series of One on One Interviews with Russian, Ukraine Ladies. Nº3 Lesya