Winter Pike Fishing Secrets

There are a few good winter pike fishing secrets that will help everyone catch the sough after winter fish. Pike are found all over, but it seems to be a popular sport fish in a few states during the winter. The northern states do have some great fishing holes where ice fishing is the only thing to do during the bitter cold months. Once you have all your gear and tackle ready, you just need to know what the other angles do to make sure they go come with the fish.

Finding the pike is one thing, but getting their attention is another. One way to catch a pike during the winter is by setting up a slammer tip up with a shiner. Yes, a golden shiner and a slamming tip up is going to get the pike. Some anglers will tell you that this is not how you catch a pike, but the fact is this method of fishing pike works just fine. There are a lot of pike to feed during the winter and this is how to catch them. You do not have to let the pike bite and run to catch them.

Pike will live in shallower waters than they do during the summer. You can fish in waters of twenty feet to find the pike. It is not always a good idea to look at weed beds when fishing for pike during the winter. They could be lurking the shallows by dead wood or rocky structures. The shallow waters are where you will find the best fishing. Use bait that is lively. The pike is predator and likes to see its food move around. It is the thrill of the kill. If you have to use artificial bait, use something that is going to produce a lot of vibrations and action under water.

Offer the bait in the strike zone. Use a gadget to find the fish, measure the water depth and the size of the school. Drill your holes right in the middle of the school. You want to drop right into the strike zone. This is going to produce a catch. Drill two holes about ten feet apart and drop both lines within minutes of each. As soon as you have a bite on one, you can bring that one in and you should find another bite on the second line. The fish are going to swarm for the first line and go after the second line as the first one is taken. You could have two fish in a matter of minutes.

If you have everything set up in the strike zone and are not seeing a bite, you may have to change your bait. Pike behave different from day to day in the winter. The pike may be sluggish or they might be aggressive and fast. If you are not seeing a bite, you may need to change the bait for the actions of the pike. Too much vibration or movement from the bait might turn off a sluggish pike. You need to know the fish. This sounds impossible, but with the right equipment, you could learn the mood of the fish as well.

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