Skiing Accommodations More Than Just A Place To Stay

My recent ski chalets experience left me feeling truly reinvigorated and revitalised. The skiing was exciting and challenging as it was the first I would see myself sliding the slopes of Meribel, however, it was the aftermath of unwinding in front of a log fire with a hot cup of cocoa and a nice cooked meal that kept me feeling achy from all of the sporting activity. Finding a good comfortable and warm place at a ski resort is imperative to the experience.

Fully catered ski chalets are slightly pricier than a normal hotel and may require some saving prior to going for the holiday. One thing that people should not be too afraid of is spending out on a little bit of money for that extra bit of comfort. In some circumstances the chalet that you book may even cater for your travel arrangements from the airport to the resort. Sometimes a taxi journey with all of your ski equipment can cost as much as booking a chalet, therefore it is cheaper to go for an all-in-one package.

There are ski chalets, which are completely independent from cleaning and catering services, and are large enough for groups of up to eight people or more to share. Therefore, you are given your own privacy and freedom to come in and out of the accommodation as you please. These are very often popular amongst young people or family, providing a real sense of closeness amongst the visitors and making it appear like a temporary second home.

The best types of chalets are ones that are fully catered and equipped with all of the necessary facilities. As much as some people prefer to travel on a budget, sometimes taken the time out on something slightly more extravagant ensures a guaranteed amazing experience, as well as a time to relax and put your feet. These make for a good place to be properly pampered and spoilt with saunas, satellite telephones, broadband internet and a Jacuzzi to name a few of the luxuries.

Even independent ski chalets can come with high quality food, an in-house chef, large double bedrooms with an en suite bathroom and shared kitchen facility. Some chalets will even offer you ski hire, footwear, basic skiwear, ski lessons or pre-book some lessons. This is worth taking up as then there would be no need to worry about travelling up and down with your skiing equipment. You will also be entitled to ski passes so you would not have to worry about waiting in a long queue to try out the ski slopes.

When staying in a chalet, it is not just about residing in a comfortable accommodation, but getting the full package, which include pick up from the airport to the resort. Many of these ski chalets cater for families with small children, in which the services will include a creche or nursery. You will also enjoy a continental breakfast in the morning and very often a chauffeur driven car down to your slopes.

The idea of opting towards a catered ski accommodation is to concentrate and focus on your skiing rather than having all of the headache and fuss over what you would need to do in terms of hiring equipment and transfer arrangements. Putting the extra bit of money in towards your accommodation will prove more than worth it in the end.

Anna Stenning is an expert on ski chalets having stayed in many chalets when going abroad skiing.

Article Source: Skiing Accommodations More Than Just A Place To Stay