Creating A Collection Of Snow Globes

Once a collector decides to develop a collection based on snow globes, then they need to decide if they want to collect a particular design or theme. Some collectors will create a more specialized collection that is centered around a particular theme of snow globes.

Snow globes are types of 3-D sculptures that have been enclosed insides of a glass or plastic globe with white glitter added inside the liquid that will float to create the appearance of snow. This creates a unique and one of a kind design that collectors love. Designs of snow globes may include historical buildings, street scenes, lighthouses, churches, schools, automobiles, animals, birds, and plenty other designs not mentioned.

At one time snow globes were only available as decorations during the winter seasons, but they have been inspired now for almost any occasion. Birthday snow globes have become an extremely popular way to commemorate any birthday than with a picture snow globe, which come with picture frames on the base and birthday-themed objects inside. Newborn snow globes celebrate the arrival of a newborn baby in a fresh and unique way of welcoming a new life into the family. Wedding snow globes can make a beautiful and memorable wedding gifts that may feature a traditional bride and groom celebrating their lives being joined.

Christmas and holiday themed snow globes are most commonly in demand and on display around that particular holiday. Holiday themed snow globes are immensely popular and collectors should not shy away from them. There are many styles and themes available on the market that make your collections of snow globes fresh and original. A snow globe is a type of transparent sphere of glass enclosing a miniaturized scene that has been captured by water within the globe, which serves as a medium for the snow to fall. The snow is activated when the globe is physically shaken to churn up the white particles, then when the globe is then placed back in its position the flakes will fall down slowly through the water.

The creation of the first snow globe is unknown, but it is known that they appeared in France during the early part of the 1800s. Earlier snow globes were also known as water globes or snow domes. During the 1878 expo that was held in Paris, snow globes did appear and the following year a handful of companies were actively producing the snow globes in Europe. In 1889, a snow globe was produced to commemorate the expo in Paris, which contained a model of the newly built Eiffel Tower. This represented the centenary of the French Revolution and this globe quickly became a huge favorite.

Ultimately, snow globes became popular in England during the early 1920s and when they crossed the Atlantic Ocean to the United States they soon became collector items. The first patent issued in the United State for snow globes was granted in 1927 to Joseph Garaja of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, who convinced a company by the name of Novelty Pool Ornaments to manufacture a version that included fish under water. Later during the 1940s, snow globes were used for advertising and at the same time in Europe, Catholic children were receiving religious snow globes as presents.

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