Britain Struck by A Heap of Snow

Britain is not known as one of the hottest countries, but the country itself has not really seen much snow either. That is until now, on the 1st February Britain was struck by one of the biggest snow falls it has experienced for over 20 years. Up to 1ft of snow fell in parts of the south east and the Pennines while most of the country was blanketed in at least four inches of it.

Public transport was brought to a stand still as buses and trains stopped working amid fears of accidents because of all of the ice on the roads and rails. People have not been able to get to work and it is said that the economy could lose billions while the snow lasts, which is definitely not good news, especially now as we are currently in the midst of a full blow economic crisis, that has seen the UK market suffer the most.

Hundreds of schools have been shut throughout the country and in London commuters have taken to skiing through the snow to get to work. All the major airports flights have been cancelled and the country is in a standstill.

The worst hit parts of the country were in the South East, so counties such as Surrey, Sussex and Kent were affected a huge amount. Although the whole country experienced some type of down fall. But predictions from the Met Office say that worse is to come and the Arctic blizzards are being treated as an “extreme weather event”, and the emergency services are preparing themselves for the worst as already they have seen a huge amount of accidents occur.

But it just goes to show you that Britain no matter how many advanced technologies it has in place, can not stop disruption being caused by the weather, and it just goes to show you that global warming is getting worse and worse. The country should start getting prepared for bad weather which will occur every year such as floods and heavy downpours of snow because I cannot see things getting any better.

The country needs to stand up and build defences on weather occurrences, because it is ok to cancel services and trade for a day or two, but what happens when a few years down the line the country experiences snow downfalls for weeks or even months. The economic industry will be brought to its knees and collapse.

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Article Source: Britain Struck by A Heap of Snow